Projects in Computer Graphics

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If you are interested in doing a master thesis work in computer graphics, do as follows:

  • If you are a Chalmers- or GU student:
    • You should have taken the course TDA361/DIT220 - Computer Graphics (which is an optional course at most Chalmers programs).
    • It is also good if you have taken DAT205/DIT221 Advanced Computer Graphics.
    • Your grade from TDA361/DIT220 Computer Graphics should be 4 or 5, or VG. (Otherwise, it is pointless to do a master-thesis work, since a profound understanding of the basics will be necessary).
  • Choose between:
    • proposing a thesis subject of your own,
    • contacting a CG company for master thesis positions. Here is an incomplete list of some graphics-related companies: 
      • Fraunhofer FCC (Chalmers Teknikpark)
      • Eon Reality
      • Autodesk Göteborg
      • Spark Vision
      • Surgical Science
      • Vizendo
      • Mentice
      • Volvo 
    • There are also game companies like:
      • EA Ghost Games Göteborg,
      • Simbin
      • MindArk
      • Avalanche Studios - in Stockholm
      • Dice - in Stockholm
      • Massive/Ubisoft - Malmö
      • Massive
      • … and lots of lots of more
    • contacting me for possibly other available proposals
  • You may also, as a last option, together with me discuss and suggest a proposal based on your particular interest. 

The majority of master-thesis students in CG perform their thesis work at a company.