Online energy consumption analysis in Göteborg’s smart grid (in collaboration with Göteborg Energi)

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Traditional electrical grids evolved to smart grids, where the heterogeneous devices forming the network can communicate and be remotely controlled. Challenges proper of Information and Communications Technology systems are common in this context. One of such challenges is the ability to analyze in a real-time fashion data produced by sensors and quickly react to critical situations. This thesis, in collaboration with Göteborg Energi, focuses on online data analysis use cases, investigating the benefits of stream processing and stream provenance towards lean data management in modern Advanced Metering Infrastructures.


This thesis targets the design and implementation of applications that automate existing/new analysis tasks monitoring and validating energy consumption readings, leveraging the stream processing paradigm and stream provenance tools. During the thesis, you will (1) get familiar with existing energy consumption analysis techniques, (2) design streaming-based applications that can outperform traditional batch-based ones, and (3) implement and evaluate them using data collected from a real metering environment. For details and further questions please contact us. Just come over for a (virtual?) coffee and discuss this thesis with us...


Date range: 
October, 2021 to October, 2026