Legal analysis AI/ML - future of legal dispute resolution

Potential supervisors: 

This project suggestion is a joint suggestion between our department and a the company Eperoto.


Short info about the company: Eperoto works with evaluating values and risks in legal disputes. Solution are based on experience from both judges and lawers, which are combine with statistics. The results is a calculation model and a decision support tool for courts, laywers, and companies.


Project motivation
To improve understanding of the court process and improve statistical material we are looking for a group of students who wants to help analyse court diaries, court decisions, and other documents in order to extract key parameters such as duration of court cases, economical value of claims made, probability for second court trials,and such.

For this work we are looking for a students interested in machine learning for extracting information from natural text with a varying degree of structure.

Contact: Moa Johansson, Chalmers, Olof Heggemann ( and Johan Thelin (

Date range: 
September, 2020 to September, 2025