An intrusion detection system for IoT

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*** Motivation ***

The Internet of Things is a paradigm-shift where we can have nodes that collect information, process the information (either locally, at the edge, or in the cloud) to then actuate changes in our physical environment. IoT offers many advantages, but there are many concerns regarding cyber security as many parts (end nodes) can easily be attacked and used for massive attacks as we recently have seen (see online version for links).

*** Challenge ***

This thesis targets security analysis for IoT, where the analysis should be spread out: the nodes, the edge, and the cloud. The goal is to design and evaluate a (future) intrusion detection systems that encompass all levels. During the thesis, you will (1) get familiar with existing analysis techniques, especially comparing local device approaches with complementing approaches in the cloud; (2) adapt and extend such analysis techniques (or design your own) to a small test bed (3) implement and evaluate them. You can conduct this thesis individually or as team of two students, but we will prioritize groups of two students. 

*** Background & Requirements ***

•    Computer Science or related programs
•    Courses in computer security (EDA263) and networks
•    Experience with machine learning 
•    Some system development, embedded programming

*** How to Apply? ***

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We process applications on a first-come, first-serve basis so apply asap (application closes Nov 11). 

Date range: 
October, 2019 to October, 2024