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  • Posted on: 25 November 2015
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  • 14 December 2018



Notification: The page is not up to date any more. The new master´s thesis pages for CSE can be found in Canvas: LINK TO PAGE IN CANVAS. 



Find a project

Project suggestions can be found within the department (internal projects) or at the industry (external projects), see links below. If you have an idea of the field you would like to do your master’s thesis in, but you have no finished proposal, you should contact a member of the faculty who is working on those topics and try to work out a proposal.

Note that regardless how you find your project, it is you who has to write the proposal. Neither the suggestions that are offered by companies nor by the department are finished thesis proposals. Most suggestions lack important research aspects of the problem at hand, such as problem definition and related literature.

Internal projects

First, you have to know which program you are attending, and who is your master program director (MPA). Your MPA has to approve that the project fits within the scope of your program, so if you are in doubt, please contact your MPA.

  • MPEES: You will get information from your MPA – talk to them about how to find a suitable project.
  • MPCSN, MPALG and CS (GU master): Browse through the list of departmental project suggestions:

list of departmental project suggestions

  • ontact one of the suggested supervisors. Some faculty also announce thesis topics on their homepages or on their office doors.
  • Software Engineering (GU Master and MPSOF): Browse through the list below and contact one of the suggested supervisors:

list of possible SE thesis topics and supervisors

If you are a student of a Chalmers or GU master program not listed above (e.g., MPCAS, MPIDE, mathematics), browse through all possible links and try to find something relevant. Be sure to contact your MPA who has to approve that your project fits within the scope of your program.

External projects

External proposals can come from other departments at Chalmers, GU or another university. They can also come from career-related functions within Chalmers and/or GU. Finally, projects can be found at companies. If you are interested in finding a project at a company you may use the following sources:

If you are in doubt if the project is within the scope of your program, please contact your MPA.