Enhancing Privacy Setting of a Social Network

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Social network users are not satisfied with the privacy settings that they are offered. Sometimes users are not fully aware of the consequences of activating a privacy setting and they wonder if the privacy setting will protect their information as they expect. Some other times, the privacy settings are too coarse-grained and users find that they cannot protect their private information properly. A formal privacy policy framework (PPF) was developed aiming at solving the aforementioned issues. In this framework it is possible to write expressive privacy settings and deal with implicit leaks of knowledge. Moreover, it is based on logic which allows to formally prove that no violation of privacy policies can occur. The goal in this project is to design and implement a privacy enforcement mechanism based on PPF in the open source social network Diaspora*.

Related courses:
- Logic in computer science
- Distributed algorithms
- Concurrent Programming
- Software Engineering using Formal Methods

Contact: Gerardo Schneider (gersch@chalmers.se)

Date range: 
October, 2018 to October, 2023