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  • Posted on: 16 March 2015
  • By: admin
  • Updated on:
  • 16 September 2020

Dates and booking for oral presentations

Please note that your supervisor must approve the thesis for presentation and the examiner must approve the date for the presentation before you book a time slot. For May-June 2020 bookings: The presentations will be held online and your examiner is supposed to provide you with a zoom-link that is to be included in the title. Bookings without zoom links (or equivalent information on how to join the presentation for those who want to listen) will be rejected immediately.
Please note that, regardless of master’s program, you are free to present your thesis at either Lindholmen or Johanneberg, whatever is most convenient.  Presentation dates are available each month except during holidays. There will be 6-7 different dates in the time period end of May - first half or June.
Use your student e-mail address for the booking, gusxxx(at)student(dot)gu(dot)se (GU) or xxx(at)student(dot)chalmers(dot)se (Chalmers). The email address will be visible in the booking. Please notify the master´s thesis support if is it a problem if your email is displayed in public.

Note that once a date and time for presentation is set, it can't be changed without a valid reason.  (Wanting/needing extra time is not a valid reason.) 

At certain times of the year, there are not very many presentations. If you want, you could attend presentations at other departments, if the topic is related to Computing Science (e.g. mathematics and in some cases also electrical engeineering, physics etc. Link to presentation dates at other departments). If you want to attend a presentation in a different department, you should discuss with your supevisor or examiner if that presentation is close enough to your subject.

Need to book a time and cannot find anything that works for you and your examiner? You can agree on a time with your examiner and other involved people (supervisor, opponent) and contact the master´s thesis support with a suggestion of date/time. Please observe that presentations must not be scheduled during 16/6 and 14/8 (summer break) according to the central university rules.

Period 4, 1 and 2 (2020): Due to Corona outbreak, presentations in March and April will be held digitally (zoom or similar tools). If the situation (Corona) does not change, this will also hold for presentations in May-June. Updates will follow at least 3 weeks before the presentation dates. If a presentation is hold via zoom or equivalent, this will be announced in the "title of thesis" filed. Dates for spring 2021 will be added in January. There will be at least one day per month and around 10-12 different dates in late May until mid June. If the dates do not work for you and your examiner, please contact the coordinator with a suggestion.